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Mu: the lost continent of Mu was originally cited in the writings of Augustus Le Plongeon, a 19th century
 traveler, but it was James Churchward, who popularized the story of Mu with a series of books in the 1930s. 
 Located in the Pacific Ocean, Mu was thought to possess a great civilization
that thrived tens of thousands of years before any of the ancient civilizations we know of today. 
As with Atlantis, the days of Mu came to
an end with a cataclysmic natural disaster that sank the continent into the sea. 
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After the dark days of the Twelve Demons, the world remained peaceful.
The mysterious hero thrived as the leader of his own house of warriors, where all the greatest fighters gathered to join.
 The hero became known as the greatest fighter of all time, and the people labeled him The Great Dragon.
 For twenty years, the people of the land knew true peace as The Great Dragon upheld justice
and fairness throughout the land. It was even foretold that as long as The Great Dragon lived,
the people of the land would experience no danger.
But on a sad and twisted day,
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